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Fun time at Orchard Barn

Every venture has a serious side and a more light-hearted side. At Orchard Barn restoration of the cottage has started, the cartlodge roof is progressing, we have a polytunnel and a new Austrian scythe so it seems only reasonable to have some fun to look forward to. What better than to get together to celebrate Orchard Barn’s 10th birthday?

Our birthday party will be at Offton and Willisham Village Hall on the evening of Saturday 14th October from 7.30 to 10.30.

Music for enjoyment and dancing will be provided.

There will be an auction of promises to hopefully boost the OBee CIC’s funds.

This will be a family friendly event so all are welcome, please bring veggie food to share.

For further details please refer to our website http://www.orchardbarn.org.uk/ or phone 01473 658193 or email sarah@orchardbarn.org.uk


By Ian Clark on September 13th, 2017