The Oaks Meadow Project is moving forward with lots of work going on in the background by the Steering Group.  Now we need your help to say what you would like to see on the meadow.  Put your ideas on the outline plan of Oaks Meadow, which you can download here.  Oaks Meadow Outline Plan.  Any features incorporated in the project will be acknowledged with a plaque on site.

Previous suggestions include: a vegetable growing area, den building area, herbal labrynth, fire pit, meeting circle, orchard, medicine wheel, wild flower seed scattering, memorial trees and eco toilet.  Illustrations of these and others can be seen below.  These are only suggestions, not definite plans.

The position of the wildlife pond has been decided following the topographical survey and research into rainwater harvesting.  The play area depicted as a circle is not confined to that shape and features can be added anywhere in that corner.  The village hall shape is just to give an indication of where it will be and is not part of this competition.

Please submit your plans to Ian Clark, Mead Farm House, Jacks Lane, Combs IP14 2NG  or Desiree Shelley, Blackberry Barn, Bildeston Road, Combs IP14 2JZ

We also need to form a Community User Group (to inform us what you want to use on the meadow) and a Focus Group (to look at the suggestions put forward).  Contact Desiree Shelley if you would like to be part of one of these groups.

Lastly, we need someone to draw detailed plans for MSDC planning department.  If you can help please contact Ian Clark as above.

Here are some of the suggestions so far.

Note.  Pictures have been removed temporarily while copyright conditions are checked