Neighbourhood Watch for Combs

At the present time there is no Neighbourhood Watch Scheme covering the whole of Combs. There are individual schemes covering Church Road, Mill Lane, Moats Tye, Webbs Close, and the junction of Park Road and Jacks Lane. Although it appears that some of these are currently dormant.

The long term objective is to introduce a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme covering the whole of Combs, including Moats Tye and Little London.

Our intention is to start simple, and to then expand the scheme if there is the will in the community to do so.

Suffolk Constabulary have told us that all the latest information confirms that Neighbourhood Watch is effective in deterring criminals and in solving crime. We would like to see Neighbourhood Watch signs in evidence in all parts of the village. Putting up the signs will prompt people to ask who the local contact is. So we need to have people in place in advance of putting up the signs.

The NW coordinators provide the point of contact for information passed on by members of the local community. They also take on the task of circulating information of relevance to their immediate community. The preferred methods of communication are by text or e-mail. Facebook and Twitter are possibilities for the future.

Experience suggests that people are wary of being drawn into something that might become a major commitment, and can be overwhelmed and turned off by too much information. So our aim is to keep to a minimum the amount of involvement required of the coordinators and of members of the community. We do provide people with stickers to display at their front doors if they wish to.

If you are interested in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch in your local area please contact either Jim Henson or Ian Clark.

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