St Mary's Church Combs


The Parish of Combs is in the Combs and Finborough Benefice.

In addition to Combs, there are six other parishes in the benefice. The seven parishes share clergy. The churches have a common focus to their worship, but have different styles of worship to appeal to a wide range of preferences.

The Pew Sheets and Monthly Service Schedules are common to all the parishes in the Benefice.

Weekly Pew Sheets

Pew Sheets keep you in touch with Combs Church and other churches in the Benefice.
Click on a link below to view or download the Pew Sheet.

Pew Sheet 11/02/2024

Pew Sheet 18/02/2024

Pew Sheet 25/02/2024

Pew Sheet 03/03/2024

Sunday Services for the benefice

Services in March 2024