Chairman's Annual Report

Chairman's Annual Report to the Parish for the Year 2015-16

Delivered at the Annual Parish Meeting on 9th May 2016

We started off this year with a new council following an uncontested election.

Having lost some of our councillors that have served the parish for many years we have been able to bring in new councillors and it was an honour for myself to be elected as chairman of the parish council.

I made it clear from the start that I was not able to run the parish council on my own and that I would seek the support from all councillors to participate in running the various items that the parish council is concerned with. I was very pleased that the councillors have taken up this challenge and have each taken on a role in organising a particular aspect of the council. I would particularly like thank all the councillors for all their hard work that they have put in over the last year. Much of this I am sure the majority of the village population would not even knows goes on until there is a complaint to be made.

I will not commenting on any of the particular items as those responsible for these will be making their own reports for the AGM.

We started our year with a number of items, that have been rumbling on for a considerable number of years, all of which needed to be resolved, particularly the cemetery. I must thank Councillor Reynard and Councillor Stephen-Rowe for all their hard work that they have put in to resolving this delicate situation. Another issue came to the head with Prospect Place which the planning issues have been running for many years. Only for us to find out that the property which has now been converted has been let to Stepping Stones, for supported housing within a safe environment. This caused some considerable concerns for near neighbours of which we held an open meeting for the local residents and a representative from Stepping Stones came to clarify various issues raised.

Unfortunately Councillor Eade resigned and I would like thank him for his work during his time on the Parish Council. This has left us with a vacancy which has yet to be filled.

We decided this year to have a representation at the Combs fete so that members of the public could raise any issues that they had with the village and for us to be more visible.

On the whole this worked well and I would hope that we would do the same again this year.

We commented significantly on the proposals on the development off Fariers Road and made notes of many concerns relating to the planning application. Some of these concerns have been heeded.

It was with great shock and disappointment that Combs Parish Church was a target of having the lead stolen from the North and South Aisles. An estimated fund of £100,000 will be needed to be raised to replace the roof and repair the damaged caused.

Our latest acquisition, with the thanks of County Councillor Truelove for making funds available has been to acquire our first defibrillator for the village. This will be positioned to the West of the village. We are hopeful that we can provide another one for the East of the village

Again I would especially like to thank all the councillors for their hard work and especially our clerk for all her hard work in keeping the council affairs in order.

I would also like to thank our County Councillor Truelove and our District Council Whybrow for their attendance at our meetings and for their assistance.

Stuart Scarff

Chairman, Combs Parish Council