Financial Statement and Accounts

 It is the responsibility of the Parish Council to put in place arrangements to ensure the proper conduct of its financial affairs, and to monitor the adequacy and effectiveness of those arrangements in practice. The Parish Council is required to prepare its accounts in accordance with its statutory responsibilities, and to maintain an adequate system of internal audit of its accounting records and control systems

The Parish Council meets its responsibilities by preparing and publishing, and providing the auditor with, the accounts prepared for the financial year, together with such additional information and explanation as is necessary to provide sufficient evidence that it has maintained adequate systems of internal control and internal audit throughout the financial year.

Financial Statement 2016-2017

Expenditure over £100.00 2016-2017


Financial Statement 2013-2014

Financial Statement 2014-2015

Expenditure over £100.00 2014-2015

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2015-2016

Financial Statement 2015-2016

Expenditure over £100.00 2015-2016