Daphne Scarff

'The Making of a Land Girl' by Desiree G Shelley

Daphne was born in Trimley St Mary, Suffolk in 1926. She travelled great distances to lead a most extraordinary young life. She joined the Womens Land Army during WWII for 6 years. This book is her account of life before and during her WLA days until she married Victor Scarff and moved to Fenns Farm, Combs.

If you would like a copy for £6 please contact: Desiree Shelley at Blackberry Barn, Bildeston Road, Combs.

01449 675016        desshelley@talk21.com


Gladys Frances Unsworth

By her daughter Marguerite Rees

Gladys Unsworth was born in London on 19th September 1925.  She was the oldest of four children and was evacuated to Suffolk twice, once in the 'phony' war and later during the Blitz but the family soon moved back to London.

She recalled nights spent under the stairs during air raids where her father had built bunks for the children.  More comfortable than the public shelters.   In fact Menotti Street was never directly bombed, although the windows were shuttered and at one time there was a tarpaulin roof.

Mum tried to join the Land Army.  Her friend was accepted but Mum was so tiny she was turned down.  Being a determined woman, she went further down the street to the next recruiting office and enlisted in the WRAF!  She met my father at Stony Cross airfield in the New Forest after he came back from the Far East in January still in tropical kit as their luggage had been lost.

After the war, they married and came to Combs when my brother Jim and l were very young.  Many people who worked at the Tannery will have memories of him.  Mum stayed in the house in Park Road for more than 60 years, thanks to her neighbours who were very good to her, leaving only after a fall which broke her hip.  We cannot thank them enough for their care for Mum.

Shortly before she died she was interviewed for a programme called the Spitfire Factory.  The episode which features Mum is to be broadcast on Monday 19th October at 9 pm on More4.  Here are a few photos for those of you who remember her.

          Gladys about 90

      Gladys in WRAF uniform                   Gladys middle row left                     Gladys aged about 90