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St Mary's is one of Suffolk's hidden gems because although it is visible from the distant A14, visitors approaching from Combs Ford often have great difficulty finding it. It stands alone, sedately away from from where many of its population live.

Although it is off the tourist routes and is comparatively little known, St Mary's is one of the ecclesiastical gems in this county of 500 medieval churches.

If you walk round the back of the church to the South side, you will see the South porch. This was once the main entrance to the building. Like many churches, St Mary's was built beside its manor house.

Combs Hall was a large mansion which stood just to the south-west of the church. This great house was demolished around 1730 and the present hall is a much smaller building.

The south porch doorway is now bricked up and the porch is used for a creche. The North Porch, at the top of the sloping churchyard, is now the main entrance for the church.